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Consultants to Collections

Litigating a construction claim, foreclosing on a property to satisfy a Mechanic's lien, which or and cost thousands of dollars in legal fees. Collection agencies are not equiped to recover debt specifically related to the provision of construction-related services, and as a result, they cannot effectively or efficiently resolve construction-related disputes.

Construction Lien Collections employs a property ADR resolution methodology to mediate disputes between parties. This process may include facilitating conferences, meeting, and project site visitations, as well as the use of our in-house attorney, private investigators or delay claim specialist. The bottom is that Construction Lien Collections can resolve construction-related disputes better, faster, and at a substantially lower cost compared to attorneys or collection agents.

We fully investigate all facets of your claim and explore every angle to recover your funds. Typical problems include funding issues by the party financing the project, diversion of funds, performance issues, Delay Claims, and bankruptcy. Where necessary, we use third parties to gather information to support your claim and provide documentation to strengthen your case. We go the "extra step" to get you the full amount due to you.

We do much more than an attorney at a price typically less than half of what they would charge. Not only do we do more, our cases are resolved in a fraction of the time if litigation is involved.

A collection agency does nothing but contact your debtor requesting payment. This is usually ineffective.


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