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Lien Filing

A Mechanic's Lien (aka Construction Lien) attaches the amount you are owed for materials or services rendered, to the title of the property in question. It prevents the property owner from selling, transferring the title, or refinancing the said property.


Request for Mechanic's Lien / Construction Lien

(A) Lienors Information

(B) Complete this section with your customers information.

(C) Job Location

(D) Complete this section based on lienor Labor and Materials.

(E) Complete this section based on the contract


I am authorized to sign on behalf of the lienor. I, the lienor, have authorized Samuel Dan of Construction Lien Collections ("CLC") or its representatives to sign as our agent on these documents pertaining to this property. I understand that I, the lienor, signing below am the actual filer of the Mechanic's Lien and am the party responsible for sending such documents in for filing. By clicking the "SUBMIT FORM" button, I jointly and severally agree to the terms, conditions and prices listed on The lienor understands that S.D is not a law firm and information provided is not legal advice. I / We as lienor indemnify CLC and its representatives / employees against any liabilities that may arise from the filing of this lien. CLC will only be liable for the cost of the Mechanic's Lien as billed by CLC In addition the lienor agrees to be held responsible for all legal costs should CLC or its representatives / employees incur any expenses as a result of a lawsuit regarding the filing of this lien. The lienor understands that any items missing or left blank in the form submitted may caused the lien to be incorrectly filed. All information provided in section A through J on this form is agreed to and are true and factual based on the books and records of the lienor.

Make A Selection

Mechanic Lien in New York City (5 Boroughs )- $ 225.00
Mechanic Lien in New Jersey and Outside NYC - $ 375.00
Extension of Lien: $150.00
Municipal Mechanics in NY and NJ - $ 225.00
Discharge of Lien Bond: $ 500.00
Bond Claim in NY and NJ - $ 275.00
Satisfaction of Lien - NY - $150.00
Amendment of Lien - NY - $ 150.00
Small Claim Lawsuit in NYC - $250.00

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Expediency: ... typically resolves cases within 30-90 days, whereas litigation can last several years and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our service includes searching the property records, the fee for filing with the appropriate jurisdiction and notification to the property owner and contractor by certified mail.

Non-Adversarial Resolution Process: One of the most important benefits of our services is that we can preserve business relationships between our clients and their business partners due to our non-adversarial dispute resolution process.